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Child Fatima Meghlaj

 Child Fatima Meghlaj


Martyred: 16/09/2012
From: Kafr Owaid, Idlib suburbs
Age: 2 years old (25 months)

Cause of death: Regime TNT barrels fired onto the village leading to a massacre. Fatima lost her head and life due to this.

فاطمة مغلاج2



Little Fatima lost her head and life after regime forces committed a massacre in Kafr Owaid, suburbs of Idlib. Despite her appearance before burial, the memory of Fatima’s beautiful face along with her headless body will always remain engraved into our minds for years to come. Her headless body is a continuous reminder to the world that we have allowed little Fatima to be killed along with several thousands of other children across Syria since March 2011. 

She was martyred on 16/09/2012 after horrific regime shelling on the area. Planes flew over the village and fired explosive TNT barrels. Little Fatima lost her head and was pronounced dead immediately. 

فاطمة مغلاج33

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She shook the world, her photo reduced most to tears and others to silence. What could one answer her mother after seeing this? How could one console her? How will we answer before little Fatima and justify our silence? 

  • Fatima's mother speaks about how her daughters head flew into the sky the day she dressed Fatima in a new dress to attend her uncles wedding.


  • The words of Fatima's mother:

I showered her and brushed her hair and put on a little bridal dress, it was her uncles wedding. She started telling me I am a bride and she ran to her grandmother and said "grandma, I am a bride!" .. and yes .. my little bride did indeed become a bride .. my bride became a bride .. today my little Fatima is a bride in heaven, and my brother - Fatima's uncle - who was meant to marry that day, is now in a critical condition being treated in Turkey.


We were gathered, I don't know how it came down on us, it all went black. Then I saw her pieces fly everywhere. My brother was next to her...What do I say...I don't know

We fled shelling in Damascus, we came here to the village from Damascus because of shelling there but the shelling followed us here, where does one run to? Wherever you go, there is shelling.

This is her doll. Who will play with it now? I'll leave it for her brother, smell smell my son smell this is all we have left. These are her clothes, seconds before she left this world I had taken them off her and put her into a new dress, seconds before she left me. These are her clothes, her smell. Smell my son smell. This is all we have left.

  • Some images created in memory of the child:

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فاطمة مغلاج3


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  • A video [18+] showing Fatima's headless body:




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